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April 6-7, 1999
Ritual of Village Cleaning/Purification, A gratitude to God for the succesful harvest, tayub dance and campursari music shall also be performed, At: Ngentak, Bantul

April 10, 1999
Wayang kulit - leather puppet performance, At: Sasono Hinggil Dwi Abad (Southern Square), 09.00 p.m. - 05.00 a.m.

April 16, 1999
Javanese New Year's Eve (1 Suro), All night pilgrimage to traditional sacred places

April 16, 1999
Mahesa Sura Parade, At: Samas Beach

April 17, 1999
Javanese New Year's (Tanggap Wakso Suro), Ceremonial Parade, colosal dance and Wayang Kulit performance led by Prof Dr. Wisnoe Wardhana of Pudyaraya Javanese Traditional Institution, At: Parangkusumo, The Beach of Parangtritis

April 20-21, 1999
The Ritual of Cleaning of Karaton Heirlooms, such as keris, lances (Tuesday Kliwon). It is internal ritual, the second day is the cleaning of other heirlooms such as Royal Coaches, etc, At: Jl. Rotowijoyo, open to public, a lot of people shall try to get a bit of water a.o to make their rice fields fertile, etc.

April 30, 1999
Pitcher's Filling Ceremony, At: Imogiri Royal Ceremony, some believe the water could give safety and fortune


May 1-31, 1999
Pilgrimage to Sendang Jatiningsih and Sendang Riningsih, Sleman, Catholic Religious pilgrimage
Pilgrimage to Sendangsono (30 Km, North west of Yogya). The holy month to honor Mother Maria. A lot of Catholic pilgrims, local and from abroad walk along 3,5 Km from Banjaroya to the   church of Promasan
The above pilgrimage is conducted during the months of May & October.

May 1, 1999
Sea offering by Hondodento foundation, Parangtritis beach, 07.00 10.30 p.m.

May 4,6,11,13,18,20,25,27, 1999
Ramayana Traditional Dance Theatre, open stage, Prambanan, each performance presenting the concised full story.

May 5, 1999
Javanese Song festival, Parangkusumo, Parang Tritis beach 06.00 09.00 p.m. by Prof. DR.  Wisnoe Wardhana

May 8, 1999
Wayang Kulit-Leather Puppet Performance, At Sasono Hinggil Dwi Abad (Southern Square) 09.00 p.m. 05.00 a.m.

May 20, 1999
Saparan Ceremony in Wonolelo village, Ngemplak, Sleman. Heirlooms procession, of Ki Ageng Wonolelo, art performance and fair. At 07.30 p.m.

May 27, 1999
Anniversary of Gunung Kidul Regency, South of Yogya

May 28-31, 1999
Ramayana Traditional Dance Theatre, Open theatre, Prambanan Temple. Evening: 7.30 9.30 p.m. Dance, presenting four different episodes of Ramayana epics.

  • 1.The abduction of Shinta
  • 2.The mission of Anoman
  • 3.The death of Kumbakarna
  • 4.Shinta's trial of purity.

May 28, 1999
Saparan Ceremony in Gamping (5 Km west of Yogya). Held in Ambarketawang village by the villagers (in the old days they were limestones diggers), as a token of gratitude for their welfare granted to them by the Holy God. Slaughter of bride dolls (Bekakak).

May 30, 1999
Waicak Ceremony, Starting at Buddhist Mendut Temple to Borobudur (35 Km north west of Yogya). It is a marvelous and holy procession.


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